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Cassar Academy Reviews!

  • Ramin J., Cassar Academy Testimonials

    Cassar academy has given me and children great confident and health. Also, It makes feel better to know, my children could defend themselves and are safe. 
    I would say best CKD in UK. Thank you Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do

    Ramin J.
  • Sean S., Cassar Academy Testimonials

    This place 'will' change your life, as it has mine. If positive 'change' is what you're after in your life, plus weekly day/evening classes (flexibility) that you can fit in and around busy work schedule, you need to come through and let the 'Choi Kwang Do' family push you to a level of physical greatness that you probably never even knew you were capable of achieving. #UnbreakableSpirit - Pil Seung -

    Sean S.
  • Nikolay S., Cassar Academy Testimonials

    Cassar Academy - is the perfect place where you can comprehend the martial arts; prepare the body and the mind! 
    Come and become a part of our big family Choi Kwang Do! 

    Nikolay S.
  • Mark Bays, Cassar Academy Testimonials

    I’ve been training in Choi Kwang Do at Master Cassar’s academy in Morden for 3 months now. I’ve graded twice so now I’m a yellow belt. I can honestly say that my experience so far has dramatically exceeded the expectations I had when I started. I don’t know what I expected really but whatever it was, this is better. I’ve met some fantastic people; staff and students. I train at lunchtimes and so most of the other students in the class are much more advanced than me. In spite of that I have found everyone I’ve met so far, be it an instructor or a student, to be friendly, encouraging and helpful. I see black belt students struggling to think back to yellow belt drills when they train with me but they are always so supportive which makes it a really nice environment to train in. For me the biggest selling point is the fact that I can train on any day at the time which is most convenient to me. With work and family commitments it would be impossible for me to stick to set times every week and the flexibility offered at the Cassar academy is great in that respect. It is immediately obvious how hard the staff work to deliver this flexibility and it makes such a difference. From a personal point of view, I found that I could never motivate myself to get to the gym regularly. It’s completely different with Choi Kwang Do; I make sure I train twice a week and more often than not I manage to sneak in a third session. The lesson plans are different every week so I’m learning something new all the time and that has created in me a level of commitment that I’ve never had before with any form of exercise. The fact that the instructors are so good and so passionate about what they do only reinforces that commitment. I feel like this is something I want to carry on with in the long term and I’ve found myself arranging things at work to make sure I can train when I want to – I never thought I’d say that. I feel fitter already and more focused in general. Plus I’ve found an activity I can get passionate about which is really important to me. I hope that my kids will want to learn CKD when they’re ready. I can’t recommend the academy highly enough.

    Mark Bays
  • Neil C., Cassar Academy Testimonials

    A fantastic academy, run by a great team of instructors and an inspirational Master who has great professionalism and a massive amount of knowledge and experience! 

    Neil C.
  • Darren R., Cassar Academy Testimonials

    its great place to go very friendly and very active there. loads of people at many ages go

    Darren R.
  • The Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do is in my opinion, as well as according to a recent survey, The Best of the Best, in Martial Arts training Academy in London and one whose students' age varies between 4 & 70+. We are all very proud to be part of such a well praised Martial Arts Academy!

  • We at Spirit of Choi Kwang Do have nothing but admiration and praise for Master Cassar and his team at Cassar Academy. We took part in the School Owner program which was designed to give future school owners everything they need to set up a great Choi Kwang Do School. The information and experience Master Cassar gave us an insite into was amazing. Master Cassar was brilliant. So inspiring and passionate. A great Motivator!!

  • I am so proud of myself for achieving my Second Degree Black Belt. For 6 months I trained on average 6 hours per week, taking advice and direction of all the Chief Instructors in terms of fitness training, breathing techniques and technical advice and it all paid off. I had a fantastic grading - which I really enjoyed. My aim was to give 100 percent and I feel I achieved it. At 49, with two grown up children and a full time job , training for this was a big commitment and challenge but Choi Kwang Do helped me to remain focussed, positive and committed to my goal - and this is true for whatever your aspirations are in life. I am the fittest that I have ever been and my confidence is at an all-time high. What more could I ask from Choi Kwang Do and from the fantastic Cassar Academy run by Mr Vincent Cassar.

    Fran Regan
  • I came to Choi Kwang Do after being assaulted in a road rage incident in February, still feeling the bruises but determined not to be beaten off the roads in London. I had no real idea what to expect, but I have never the less been blown away by the standard of training - both physical and mental, that Choi provides, and the quality of instruction that is provided by Master Cassar and his team is truly inspiring. Not only has my confidence been restored when commuting by bike, but my level of fitness has become more balanced. Working towards each of the belt rankings builds determination and gaining a new belt gives a fantastic feeling of achievement, spurring me on to train hard for the next.

    Jason Baldaro
  • I started Choi Kwang Do to improve my flexibility, increase core training and help reduce injury in my chosen sport of triathlon. Not only has it helped a lot, but every class is a joy to be a part of and fantastic fun.



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