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  • Humility is the First Principle of Choi Kwang Do

    Pil Seung everyone, Training with us in the Martial Arts is not about just learning how to punch and kick or fight and inflict injury on others but about learning how to defend ourselves and our loved ones in real life situations as well as becoming a better person by following principles and having good role models around us. So over the next few weeks I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the values and principles we teach and talk about at the Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do that help us to achive this. There are five main Principles, these are Humility, Honesty, Gentlenss, Perserverance, Self Control and Unbreakable Spirit. So what is Humility and what ....

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  • 6 Tips for Keeping the Summer Body You Want

    6 Tips for Keeping the Summer Body You Want
    Where are you now? Understanding where you are now is important in measuring forward progress. Some common measurements are waist size, weight, body composition cardio or strength maximums. Pick a couple of the measurements that make the most sense to you and check in with yourself every week. By simply keeping your eye on those numbers that matter to you, you are more likely to make positive progress. Front load your calories It’s not just what you eat, it’s also when you eat it. Two people eating the same diet one front loading their calorie consumption to the earlier part of the day will have a better result than ....

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  • 3 Critical Numbers Everyone Must Know for Healthy Eating… But Most Don’t.

    3 Critical Numbers Everyone Must Know for Healthy Eating… But Most Don’t.
    “Watch what you put into your body” or “You are what you eat” are popular saying everyone has heard. The challenge is that most of the undesirable ingredients that will pull you off track from your fitness goals can not be seen. Everyone has also heard that you are supposed to read labels; most though, are unaware of what the numbers mean. Here is a simple rule of thumb you can use immediately to ensure you are only putting into your body what will give you the short term physicality and long term health you desire. Commit to choosing labeled foods that contain ....

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