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Vassilis Yiannis Zourouthis Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Vassilis Yiannis Zourouthis in Wimbledon & Morden - Cassar Academy

Vassilis Yiannis Zourouthis

Vassilis, who comes from Athens, Greece, has been supporting CKD for the past five years and teaches and assists in our evening classes as well as in the Saturday morning class.

During the day he teaches at his Business Training Academy in London and also has a professional CKD school in Athens.

He is on his way to opening a further CKD school in Kingston, Surrey.

He trains daily and strongly believes that while he is sixty five years young, he is in the best shape he has ever been, since he started his training and has made a full recovery of injuries he sustained, while he was doing other martial arts, thanks to CKD.

"Coming from a traditional martial arts background since 1995 in addition to the many serious physical injuries I had suffered, i had arthritis due to fully extended arm and leg techniques. I am pleased to say that I have been cured after five intensive years of CKD."

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