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Clare Singh

Hi, my name’s Clare and I am one of the Chief Instructors here at the Cassar Academy.  I am a First Degree Brown Tag and should be going for my Second Degree in June.

I am 47 years old, with three grown up children, one of which is also an Instructor here, which is great as it now means I get to spend a lot more time with family.   

I was a full time driving instructor for ten years, but now work here at the Academy full time 6 days a week.  Something that my father still finds highly amusing as he knows how much I have always disliked any form of exercise!!!  I have always found most sports or going to the gym very boring and have no co-ordination what so ever for dance classes.  Choi Kwang Do however changed my mind.  I love the self-defence aspect of what we do and if it means I am getting fitter and stronger as I get older then that’s a bonus.

I love training with all our students, whatever their age, and they range from four to adults in their seventies.  But must admit I do love sparring with my son and still managing to get a twisting kick to the head of a young man of 6ft 4in. Great fun!! 

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