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3 Critical Numbers Everyone Must Know for Healthy Eating… But Most Don’t.

Posted: August 28, 2019

“Watch what you put into your body” or “You are what you eat” are popular saying everyone has heard.  The challenge is that most of the undesirable ingredients that will pull you off track from your fitness goals can not be seen.  Everyone has also heard that you are supposed to read labels; most though, are unaware of what the numbers mean. 

Here is a simple rule of thumb you can use immediately to ensure you are only putting into your body what will give you the short term physicality and long term health you desire. Commit to choosing labeled foods that contain 15 grams of sugar or less, 200mg or less of salt and foods that have less than 25% of calories coming from fat.  If all you do is recreate your food shopping selections for the year based on finding foods and brands that meat this criteria, you will have taking a major step forward in your overall health and fitness goals. 

If you are a parent, take the time to train your children about the 3 numbers.  Next time you are asked in the grocery store, “Can we get this” you can simply reply with, “I don’t know does it meet the guidelines?”  The good news is most of the food children crave have high sugar, fat and salt content.  So in most cases as you educate them about the guidelines that the food must meet even to be considered for purchase they will naturally stop asking and start reading.  When it comes to nutrition knowing what to read is as important as knowing how to read.