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Testimonials and Letters of Appreciation

Wanted to say a quick thank you for everything, you have changed my life. I feel fitter, happier and more importantly love the art of Choi Kwang Do. You are an amazing group of people and have encouraged me and helped me enormously, thank you Cassar Academy and good luck!

~Nick King


Hello Master Cassar and all the instructors, Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful martial arts experience for Karly. She has thoroughly enjoyed it and has gained confidence and discipline from your classes. She even wrote about it in a school entrance essay. You have gotten her off to a wonderful start. She has struggled finding her niche until now and feels like this is really for her. She is anxious to pursue martial arts in the US where we will be moving back to next week. Today, is her last class at Choi Kwang Do at the Cassar Academy and she will surely miss it, but she will take with her all she gained and learned! Thank you ever so much.

~The Bryans Family




My grateful thanks to Master Cassar

The understanding, advice and support given to me by Master Cassar of the Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do and his instructors has changed my life completely. Every morning when I arise from bed I give thanks that I joined the Cassar Academy.

When my son suggested that I join him in the 90 day challenge at the Cassar Academy I looked at him in astonishment. I said “I am 67 years old so I will feel self-conscious and embarrassed. I haven’t been able to kneel for years with the arthritis in my knees and I have weak wrists so I can’t get up once I am sitting on the floor. I suffer with Meniers’s Disease and have frequent episodes of vertigo, I am overweight and struggling between an 18 to 16 dress size and I have very little energy”.

My son said “that’s ok, just speak to Master Cassar about it and see what he says” I replied “it’s impossible and utterly ridiculous for me to join a Martial Arts School of Training at the age of 67 with all my health problems”. My son didn’t give up he badgered me until I gave in and I very reluctantly went with him to the Academy.

I had convinced myself that once I told Master Cassar about my ailments and feeling self-conscious because of my age, he would agree that the Cassar Academy was not the place for me to be. You can imagine my surprise when Master Cassar said “you are not too old, we welcome all ages, the instructors will make sure that you exercise safely, you can work at your own pace, if you go dizzy you can stop until it passes and anyway the exercise will correct the problem, we will help you up from the floor and on doing the exercises you will lose weight and gain energy”.

Master Cassar had such great belief in what he was telling me and was so enthusiastic that I too believed that I might actually be able to take on the challenge.

True to Master Cassar word the instructors persevered with me, watched me closely when I trained and encouraged me to join in. I was never made to feel out of place and was treated with the utmost respect. Not one instructor lost patience with me and there was always a hand outstretched to help me.

Now just four months later I am self-confident, my episodes of vertigo are practically nil, after many years I can kneel again, not without pain but with a bearable pain, bearable enough so that I no longer need help to get up from the floor, I look and feel younger and I am now a dress size 14! I’m thankful that my son was so persistent with me and that he had such faith in Master Cassar that he believed he would persuade me to join in the challenge.

My friends and work colleagues have noticed the changes in me, both mind and body and with amazed looks on their faces ask me what it is that I am doing, and I just say Choi Kwang Do.

I am proud to say that in August, if I am ready, I hope to be grading to become a yellow belt senior.

For me this experience has been a new beginning…………..so thank you all at the Cassar Academy for helping me to change my life.

~Lesley Nahhas



I am so proud of myself for achieving my Second Degree Black Belt. For 6 months I trained on average 6 hours per week, taking advice and direction of all the Chief Instructors in terms of fitness training, breathing techniques and technical advice and it all paid off. I had a fantastic grading - which I really enjoyed. My aim was to give 100 percent and I feel I achieved it. At 49, with two grown up children and a full time job , training for this was a big commitment and challenge but Choi Kwang Do helped me to remain focussed, positive and committed to my goal - and this is true for whatever your aspirations are in life.

I am the fittest that I have ever been and my confidence is at an all-time high. What more could I ask from Choi Kwang Do and from the fantastic Cassar Academy run by Mr Vincent Cassar.

~Fran Regan



I came to Choi Kwang Do after being assaulted in a road rage incident in February, still feeling the bruises but determined not to be beaten off the roads in London. I had no real idea what to expect, but I have never the less been blown away by the standard of training - both physical and mental, that Choi provides, and the quality of instruction that is provided by Master Cassar and his team is truly inspiring. Not only has my confidence been restored when commuting by bike, but my level of fitness has become more balanced. Working towards each of the belt rankings builds determination and gaining a new belt gives a fantastic feeling of achievement, spurring me on to train hard for the next.

~Jason Baldaro

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