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Virginie Laine Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Virginie Laine in Wimbledon & Morden - Cassar Academy

Virginie Laine

My name is Virginie Laine. I am 42 years old and I started Choi Kwan do in march 2014. I’m now an orange belt senior.  From my very first day I knew Choi Kwang Do was going to be something I would really enjoy. I am now an Assistant Instructor on Monday’s and Wednesday’s in the 4 to 6 year old classes. I look forward to every class and love being part of the Cassar Academy.  I can’t wait to be a black belt and maybe one day I will have enough knowledge to become a Chief Instructor.

 I am also passionate about photography and run a restaurant in central London. All my free time is spent at the Academy learning as much as possible from all the instructors.

  • Hometown: Tooting, London

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