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Richard Edgeworth

Pil Seung my name is Richard Edgeworth,

I have been training with the academy for nearly thirteen years, been a member of the instructor team since 2005. What I love about Choi Kwang do is that it has really helped me with my confidence and helped me achieve so much like My HND in Public service management, my greatest achievement to date was doing my third degree black belt, I am now currently getting ready for my fourth degree black belt which I am hoping to do in Korea in front of Grand Master Choi our founder of this fantastic art. What I also like about the art is patterns as they are a great way to build fitness and build concentration levels, and all the different people I get to meet on a daily basis.

In my spare time I like ice skating, going to gravity force which is a big trampoline course, listening to music and watching films, I also like spending time with friends and family.

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