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Abduljaleel Bain Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Abduljaleel Bain in Wimbledon & Morden - Cassar Academy

Abduljaleel Bain

Hi my name is Mr Bain and I am an Assistant Instructor here at the Cassar Academy.

I have been training at the academy for three and a half years. I first studied martial arts when I was thirteen studying Wing Cheung. I later became a green belt at Tae KwonDo and even did a bit of Thai Boxing some years ago.

My fondest memory of Choi is completing in the International Seminar in London when despite being significantly injured I managed to achieve third place in the speed drill final. I will always remember the huge cheer I received from the crowd as I limped into the final and then received my trophy from Grand Master Choi. 

As an AI I am here to help anyone with their patterns or techniques below black belt. Just come and see me. I also love snowboarding, playing the guitar and long board skateboarding. 

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